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Welcome to The Mobocon!

Experience the ultimate guidelines provided exclusive The Mobocon contents up shown in the menu. These certain tips and guides and other contents has been proved beneficially when it comes to mobile buying and guidelines. A Glimpse of Mobocon contents is as follows:

  1. MocX: The game center brought to you by The Mobocon. Games developed will be added first here and  then will be added on Apps-stores be it Android or iOS. Also, These games will be built for Windows PC so they will not be deprived of the games.
  2. SiytX: The Mobocon websites development projects will be added and will start through Siytx. A few of my Colleagues gave their ideas regarding development of websites for other firms and industries or to provide Website related solutions to them. All these added things will come under SiytX.
  3. AipX: When talking about games and Websites development, why the applications be left behind! AipX is the banner or head title under which Applications development and consultancy will come.
  4. I’m new contents are the contents for the new comers in the world of smartphones. The details about each and every physical component which a new user must about his/her device is covered in 2 pages of I’m new section. At the end of it, you will be able to understand each and every spec mentioned about your device by your manufacturer.
  5. I’m developer section is for power users and upcoming developers who want to seek basic information about what is smartphone from development point of view. Here basic terminologies are very well covered and step guidelines are prescribed so that a new benchmark or stepping stone can be set for our new  developers.
  6. Buying guide is the ultimate buying tips and suggestions for our readers. Here I strongly focused on brining up an unbiased opinion on available smartphones. In this section you won’t find any device name or gadget review instead a price by price specification such that what your ideal smartphone should be in such a budget.
  7. The Week section is the most frequently visited and powerful section as it gives direct review of The Mobocon over a gadget as per user choice, a weekly free tip or advice for your beloved device and an App review which will be of much benefit to you.

The Mobocon doesn’t end here. After all such contents and as per the changelog now our readers and reviewers can themselves join mobocon by a simple signup process. They can now interact socially with different members  and experts across the globe present in the mobocon. Can have friends, create groups, Tag friends, invite them, have real time chat with any member across the mobocon, have achievements and competitions with karma points and much more feature just ahead of a simple signup process. After signup you also have option to receive newsletters directly from Mobocon right in your inbox! Be aware that these newsletters are now a free feature being a newly introduced! So hurry up! as it’ll be pretty soon when newsletters and subscriptions become a paid option!